Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The pool is closed until further notice.

Our liner has decided to crumble, biting the dust just as soon as I took the time to get all the chemicals straightened out and it was sparkling blue. Every where we walked, it fell apart. I felt like I was the little boy who kept trying to put his thumb in all the cracks in the dam. I just couldn't glue enough vinyl, fast enough. We could no longer put off the inevitable.

The silver lining to this situation is that I have one very happy boy who thought it was the coolest job in the world to take a knife to the rest of the liner to create more area for water loss.


By the next day, the 5000 gallon pool was totally empty. Yeah. Now, we're letting it dry and will do a change-out over the weekend. Lucky us! (not)


We are praying that the next liner lasts us around 3 yrs or so and after that, we'll be in some sort of position to put in an inground pool. Wouldn't that be nice?

Not fishing turned out to be a good idea on Monday. Several variables went into making that decision. 1) winds increased more than expected 2) shuttle = less fishing grounds due to safety concerns 3) rain started for the first time in something like 25 days 4) thunder/lightening
5) my back went out. 6) we're just coming off a full moon. 7) Pool liner moved up in priority. God, via prayer, was very instrumental in helping us making our decision. I noticed that other fishermen were saying the fishing was slow unless you were 30+ mi offshore. We don't do that in our single-engine boat, especially with children.

Happy Fishing all! Looks like we're coming into our rainy season finally.

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