Sunday, January 26, 2014


by Robin

(Pic of BP in Palm Bay)

I went to 2 Bass Pro stores, 2 different cities in 2 days. Gotta be some historic record for a woman. I do think this place is to men the same as Disney is to kids.... a theme park for hunters and fishermen. I'm exhausted. Nearly took my post-Chipotles' nap on a Mako 286 display boat.

But, the amazing thing about the new one in Palm Bay is that they will eventually have a fully operational & stocked gator pond in the front.  (looks like a racing track)  They used repurposed roofing and pipes for decorations.  It looks amazing.  It beat the Orlando store by a mile.  The replicas of offshore fish were in abundance, displaying various habitats and schools of fish.  I learned something new about deer and their antlers/ point system.  

Plus, they had a much bigger selection of offshore items since it is closer to the beaches.  

Well done Bass Pro.  Well done. 

Wednesday, January 08, 2014


by Robin

Is to FISH MORE!!  LOL.  We said that last year in 2013 and we fished less than any other year we ever fished before.

This time, we mean it!  LOL.

During the holiday break, we did do some pier fishing and crabbing with nets but didn't bring in anything for the cooler.  It was fun though to freeze together on the pier.

Jack had a nice Kingfish trip in December and we made dip with that.

Currently, Jack pulled all the teak on the boat.  Most the sanding is done and then he'll varnish it.  It will look nice for the upcoming spring fishing season.  Little projects like this help the winter to go by much quicker.

Here is the link to our former restoration project done in 2008. It is certainly time for a little touch-up.

Before and After pictures!

For me, as I scrolled back, I was thinking how much younger we all looked 7 yrs ago.  Maybe *I* need a little restoration.  LOL.

Happy Fishing!