Monday, February 11, 2013


This should make you mad!!! - Robin

MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) Congressman Jo Bonner demands Interior Secretary Salazar immediately halt federal policy destroying large numbers of gulf red snapper.
In a Local 15 investigation, we uncovered video, secretly taken aboard one of the vessels contracted to blow-up old gas wells in the gulf, killing millions of pounds of fish.
Marine scientist Dr. Bob Shipp says this is happening so often, a million and a half pounds of dead snapper is floating to the surface each year.

Now Congressman Bonner fired off a letter to Salazar demanding change.

In the letter Bonner says, "In an undercover video released today from a rig explosion in the northern gulf, we finally have visual evidence of the devastation caused by this directive."

He goes on to say, “At the same time one federal agency is restricting fishing for the preeminent target fish species in the gulf, another – yours – is literally killing thousands of pounds of fish and destroying the habitat on which they rely. Certainly, Mr. Secretary, you see the hypocrisy here. These fish are the economic life-blood for thousands of our constituents along the Gulf of Mexico, and this insanity must stop – immediately.”

The letter was also signed by Mississippi Gulf Coast Representative Steven Palazzo.
Friday, the Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council voted to reduce the 2013 season from 40 days to just 27.
Anglers and charter boat captains were upset about last year's season only being 40 days. Now fishermen have less than a month to capitalize on one of the gulf's biggest assets.
Local 15's Greg Peterson sat down with members of the Coastal Conservation Association. Between the video we showed them and Friday's ruling, it was not a good day for fishermen.

Hunters and fishermen have a 1.9 billion dollar economic impact on the state of Alabama, a bigger impact than revenue from all crops in the state.
But with yet another reduction in the snapper season, that impact will shrink.

You can find Rep. Bonner's letter attached to this story

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Cannon Downrigger

by Robin

I mentioned the other day that Jack bought a Cannon Downrigger for First Choice.  Here are the pics of it.  He mounted it today to the transom.

Here it is slightly extended heading straight out the back.  Love the rod holder on it!

 photo 2013-02-09151856downrigr.jpg

With the boom fully extended and the degree of the angle changed.  Awesome!! Jack is a happy camper.

 photo 2013-02-09151953longrigr.jpg

This weekend, the wind picked up and so we opted to work out house chores.  Jack worked on his car and then played with mounting this on our lovely Saturday. 

For me, I ended up on the backside of the house with working for hours in my gardens.  I know there is a blizzard somewhere in the United States, but for us, it was high 70's and I got some sun on my shoulders.  Couldn't be nicer weather to work hard labor in.  No sweating at all!!  Not all Februarys are this beautiful, but I will take it!

Happy Fishing!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

It's almost fishing time!!

Dear friends,

I have been away from the ocean for far too long.  I have fishing fever very badly.  Jack has been spending many weekends working on vehicles and prepping the boat for the upcoming fishing season.  Last week, he bought a new Cannon Downrigger.  I have to say, it is very nice.  We are hoping to increase our hook-up opportunities as the fishing weather gets warming and the pelagic species move from the top of the water to mid-column. 

 photo 100_4381PelicanSunrise.jpg

Anyhow, we were hoping to have a small window of opportunity to fish this weekend.  Basically, it would be a trial run near shore to make sure all the new changes are working right and we can get home safely if they aren't. 

I am so ready to be up at the crack of dawn and heading offshore, like this earlier picture represents.  It's time to fish.

Also, I wanted to note that we bought the vacant lot next to us!!  So, now we are expanding out there with a boat barn!  At this point, we've only removed some small trees and palms to expand the 3rd parking space over about 3 ft.  This is a long-term goal to put in the boat barn. 
 photo 100_3235FirstChoiceDriveway.jpg

We'll be back out fishing soon.