Friday, August 09, 2013


by Robin

I've been working towards two goals this week.  Trying to make certain that all my ducks are in a row for school starting the week after vacation AND trying to get on vacation.  Not an easy feat, nor one I will do again to myself any time soon.  That was a little too much put into one month!

Anyhow, here are just a few of the things I did to check off some things on the list to get out the door.

* shop in bulk for snacks and drinks
* dremmel dog toenails and give them flea meds
* hair cuts for all, pedicure for me, color hair (because there is nothing worse than seeing gray roots in all my pictures!
* laundry, dishes, yard cutting, ironing, more laundry
* packing suit cases (Technically, the boys did their own.)
* make sure pool chemicals are right & pool treated before we go
* have various critter sitters lined up, folks to watch house, take in mail, etc.
* clear off all cameras, charge all rechargeables, find cords to charge things
* make more lists
* gather together salt, pepper, dish towels, soaps, meds, shampoos, griddle, blender, etc.
* get papers to the printing services for Civics class, buy books, give books to friends, etc.
* more laundry, pack bathing suits, sunblock, bug spray, first aid
* sort snorkel gear and make sure everyone has their individual grab bags marked & ready to load on boat
* garbage out!

And so the list goes....    Jack has his own lists pertaining to boat, truck, tires, engines, batteries, coolers, ice, etc.

BUT, here is a going away picture I leave you with.

I'm so in love with this area.

 photo 100_5996SpringsEntrance.jpg

Happy Scalloping,

Monday, August 05, 2013

by Robin

In a few days, I'm going to be paddling my way through this inlet to get to Three Sister Springs.

 photo DSCN0144OaksOverSprings.jpg

There is nothing like being in freezing spring water and looking down 30 ft at the opening.

 photo DSCN0225BoyzCtrSpring.jpg

Then, diving down to it and feeling the pressure in your ears squeeze your brains.  LOL.

 photo DSCN0233MaBottom1.jpg

There is nothing like it.

Boy, am I thankful that I bought an underwater camera.  Oh, that reminds me....  today, I need to clear off all the cameras & bloggie and charge up all the batteries.

Happy Snorkeling!

Sunday, August 04, 2013


by Robin

   photo 100_5979HotDogs.jpg

I can't forget they need their own towels & battery-powered AC.  C'mon... they're lap dogs on vacation.  LOL.

Saturday, August 03, 2013


by Robin

We're down to crunch time and making final purchases before we head off on vacation.

This is certainly not everything but we're tackling
- snorkeling gear
- running boat & refill oil
- tire condition & pressure

 photo 100_6098Sm.jpg
(Who remembers last year's trip??  God blessed us with tires that made it back and then revealed they were shredding & losing air.  A miracle for certain!)

- grease wheel bearings
- shop for cases of water, soda, chips, canned fruit

Hotel reservations are confirmed and we put in our order for a certain room with good access to water & dog accommodations.  Dogs love vacations too.

 photo DSCN0302Tikiwet.jpg

Of course, we need plenty of coolers for these gems.

 photo DSCN0326scallop1.jpg

We also bought a shop-vac to vacuum all the guts out and leave the meat for easy removal.

It won't be long now!
Happy Scalloping

Friday, August 02, 2013

Happy Birthday Son!!

by Robin

 photo 2013-08-01072412mabday.jpg

We're definitely on a birthday roll.  And we're not done yet!!

God bless this young man who has such a heart for God.  Love him!