Monday, May 06, 2013


by Robin

Yipee!!  This is our 2nd try at having a fishing vacation.  A couple weeks ago, Jack was off work and we thought we'd try the new engine while tripletail or cobia hunting.

As we came up to plane, a buzzer went off.  We tried a couple different things but the best thing we did was take her over to Mullis Marine (Mercury repair center).  Dana was able to diagnose our sensor issue and it was a cheap repair, thankfully. 

So, this week, we'll be going offshore again to try the engine and hopefully catch some fish. 

While we were on the last vacation, we also were very blessed to take care of some other business.  Our beater Suburban was stressing over hauling the boat and so we traded 'Snowball' in for a new-to-us Silverado.  LOVE IT!! 

We are very excited to have this new addition for when we travel with the  boat.  And we'll be very excited when we haul the boat back over to Crystal River for scallops in late summer, too.

Happy  Fishing!