Saturday, September 20, 2008

by Robin & Jack

Boil Water & get the Pasta cooking.

Also get your steamer going. We love to use this big pot my Mom gave Jack for his birthday. In the steamer is water, garlic salt and Old Bay.

Put your clams into the steamer. All these guys were alive going into the steamer. Sorry for the haze but the camera hates the steam.

Several minutes later, you can look in the steamer and see that they will be opened up. If any are unopened, throw the out. That means they were dead and THAT will ruin your meal and your night. Maybe your next morning.

Soon, you'll be putting them on a plate to add to the sauce. Make sure you don't let them sit too long. They will cool off quickly and won't taste as delicious.

While the clams are steaming & pasta is cooking, put together your sauce. Jack doesn't cook in exact amounts. He cooks with love & taste buds constantly adjusting his meals, but these are the ingredients he threw together. Lots of Smart Balance butter (vegan), EVOO (healthy amt), White cooking wine, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, bay leaf and little to no salt. Don't forget, you'll get plenty of salt from the other ingredients. There really isn't too much sauce in that pan since Jack was making this meal just for his sweetie. Thank you Honey!! I just love when he cooks for me on the weekend.

So, are you ready to grab these?

Here Jack is putting them into the drained pasta.

Good, that is done now.

Add the buttery sauce to the clams & pasta.

Mix it all nicely. You'll have to really roll that sauce around the pasta with a good size pair of tongs.

And here is seafood heaven on a plate. Can you just see the sauce caught up in each little clam? No? Hang on....

There! Can you see it now? Oh, it is just delicious. I ate an entire dozen clams and 2 platefuls of pasta. And I wonder why I gained back those 2 pounds. Ugh! It was worth it. For added spice, put some Crystal's hot sauce around the clams. Yum. Or as Emeril would say - BAM!

Oh and you're probably wondering what the guys got to eat for dinner. LOL. Jack did not let that steam go to waste at all. He and our eldest always pick up a few pounds of snow crab legs for themselves. Little man is eating a frozen pizza. I don't know who's child he is. LOL

Happy Fishing Y'all. We'll be back on the water soon. Jack took the new suburban to work twice this week to put some big miles on it. I think we still have another couple hundred to go. (We're breaking in the new engine in case you're new here.)

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Genny said...

Yumm! Robin, you and Natalie always make me hungry when I'm reading your blogs. Your seafood recipes are the best. I'm going to try making the bean soup you posted below. I can't wait!