Saturday, February 14, 2015


by Robin

Well, technically, this isn't my special gift but I thought I would blog it that way since he's working on putting it together this afternoon.

(Underside of the chair.  They do not make the original size any more so we had to do some changes here.)

 photo DSC_0024-1.jpg

Our boys are growing up and one is working and the other has a Valentine's Day dance to attend.

 photo DSC_0026-1-1.jpg

So, we find ourselves just hanging out and enjoying each other.  Little projects are nice and they help pass the time in the winter.

Since my chair was removed to put in the new live well, I got an entirely new base for my seat with a reinforced wooden "footprint" to help spread out the weight of weakening wood in the boat floor.

 photo DSC_0025-1.jpg

Happy Fishing and Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 13, 2015


by Robin

I suppose it is also about time I show you our live well.  First, the new pump we put in.

 photo DSC_0169-1.jpg

Works great!!

Then, he filled this up to check it for leaks.

 photo DSC_0179-1.jpg

No leaks here either.   One little drip, but I think he tightened that clamp right away.

 photo DSC_0180-1-1.jpg

And it drains out nicely, also without leaks.  This is a new through-hull fitting.

 photo DSC_0187-1.jpg

And our batch of test shrimp were happy as clams  can be.  We have an adjustable knob for how much water flow you want for different baits.

 photo DSC_0191-1.jpg

Jack even put his last sticker on the barrel to "claim" it as one of our upgrades.

 photo DSC_0178-1.jpg

Happy Fishing,
I can't wait to fill this and catch something!



by Robin

Ok, my garden is set and we finished up with colds around here.  We've been facing high winds yet again this weekend, but Jack and I thought about fishing Sebastian Inlet.  Maybe inviting another couple to join us.

 photo DSC_0222-1.jpg

So, while I'm in complete homesick mode, I was looking at photos that I've not converted from raw to jpeg.  Here are some cute pelicans/ ibis/ heron/ cormorants birds.

 photo DSC_0195-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0298-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0199-1.jpg

I even have a great series of splash-downs.

 photo DSC_0196-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0197-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0198-1-1.jpg

Here is a doctored (color-wise) photo of a dolphin from last month.

 photo DSC_0284-1.jpg

Hope you all can get offshore soon!