Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Not very exciting post compared to whales or fish but just to update that on Monday afternoon, we were able to paint again.

Before paint. Everything is taped up.

Here is the after job. You can see the contrast between the new white and the old white if you look at the floor.

That big square is where the "inserts" go. See below to see their painting. Also, make note that the bottom of the cuddy doors (bottom left) are finally pretty again. Jack spent hours reinforcing those corners, then sanding them.

The instruments are taped up and steering wheel was taken off.

Inside the fishing pole storage area was also painted. Refinished teak wood will be re-attached in the future.

Jack painting the inserts that will eventually hold sunglasses, camera, ropes, junk, etc. That hole is where the speakers go. Once in place, they will be secured with refinished teak wood too.
I can't wait to start seeing some of these little projects come together throughout the month. Our goal is to be up & fishing March 1st. I hope and pray. Our fishing friends are beginning to catch cobia, which is one of our choice species in the spring.
Happy Fishing,

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