Wednesday, May 20, 2009

501 st POST!!!
by Robin

Hey folks, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Life is been very busy. We changed out the pool liner (pics to come one day) and fishing hasn't been accessible for us. Many folks went out on the 17th and caught large dolphin in the 170 ft range. Some mahi were spotted in the 80 ft range even, which is something we've been waiting on.

The other thing we're waiting on is the weather. We've had some blessed rain to soak in the ground for 3 days. Yeah. The garden is happy, but the fishermen are not. Today, the winds have really picked up and the seas are somewhere between 12-14 ft high. I do hope that nobody is out there in this mess.

Next week, Jack begins one of his furloughs at his company. He's done a good job of lining up charter clients for a couple days of the week. The seas are suppose to lay down pretty well by then, but we will continue to hope it does so.

I don't suppose that I am going on those charters, although one of them does have a lady aboard (fiance'). I know Jack could use the 2nd pair of hands, but I'm not sure if the client will like having the kids with them.

I hope to be a little bit more in touch the 2nd half of the week.
Happy Duck Weather!!

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Connordog said...

Hey, I am sorry to hear Jack has to furlough. We do too, but only 5 days so far. I hope the charters go well.