Friday, July 31, 2009

by Robin

Oh, it's been way too long since my last blog. This is the busiest week I've had in a long time. Summer is coming to a close and our big summer musical is near performance. Homeschool co-op is starting up. And we're taking a vacation smack in the middle lull of it all. It couldn't fall better into the dates that were picked months ago.

I have pictures that I'll try to post later, but we're pulling scuba flags out of the attic, dive gear is getting inspected, and suitcases are getting packed. Jack has secured a borrowed kayak to take along with us. It should be fantastic for "skinny" water fishing or snorkeling. I borrow a mini shop-vac for cleaning scallops. I would post the YouTube link but the lady is not properly dressed for my G-rated site.

We're just 2 1/2 days away from Crystal River Vacationing!!

Happy Fishing,

Saturday, July 25, 2009

by Robin

Wow, what a high. We booked a room for 3 nights in Crystal river ten days from now. I can't believe it. We got such a bargain with William Shatner!! LOL. Even our dogs get to come with us!

The most exciting part is that our hotel is next to a marina and they are housing our boat for the 3 days. Yipee!!

Ack.... did I mention I'm excited? We're going scalloping.

Oh gee.... I need to clear off the camera, charge the batteries, maybe buy more batteries, get more memory, dust off snorkel gear...... Somebody pinch me.

Happy Fishing...... I have to go happy dancing.

Friday, July 24, 2009

by Robin

We like to call this the Capt Jack Mango Attack, created by my hubby & named by the kids.


We discovered this one day while we were cooking seafood. We love fresh mangos, so we searched the store for anything mango. We were able to find mango puree and mango juices. Sometimes they're in the specialty part of your store w/ high priced anti-oxidant juices. If you don't want to pay that, it is easy to make puree w/ a very ripened mango(s) in a blender.

Either way, fill about half the blender w/ mango puree (2 c) and add another 2c of ice. This can also be split w/ 1c ice & 1c mango-flavored juice. Blend away until it resembles a slushee. Then, layer slushee & marchino cherry juice in a tall cup/ glass (if your kids won't break it). Top it w/ some cherries. Yummy.

This is colorful, tasty, refreshing and healthy.

Here's some nutritional info on mangos!
* Mango, being high in calories and carbohydrates, is good for those who are trying to gain weight.
* The phenolic compound found in mangoes has been found to have powerful antioxidant and anticancer properties.
* Being high in iron, mango is said to be very good for pregnant women as well as for people suffering from anemia.
* Mango is believed to be effective in relieving clogged pores of the skin.
* The vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin E and selenium present in mangoes provide protection against heart disease.
* Mangoes have been found to be quite helpful in treating acidity and poor digestion.
* It is being said that the Vitamin E present in mango helps hormonal system function more efficiently and thus, boosts "private" life.
* The anti-inflammatory properties of mango might help alleviate asthma symptoms.

Did I forget to mention that we're growing a mango tree in our backyard? I can't wait for it to start blooming any year now. It's 2 yrs old already.

Happy Fishing!! We're at the beach today!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ack...... I just realized it's been 5-6 wks since I last fished. Where did the time go?

I will definitely have to remedy this soon. I have a couple near-shore fish I'd like to check off my fish-wish list. I've never caught a tarpon
nor a 20 lb Jack Crevalle. You cannot eat either species so that's why it isn't on Capt Jack's radar, but I'm really interested in trying to catch these two species.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SEAFOOD DISHES - inspired by parent's photos from Italy
by Robin

A couple weeks ago, my parents returned from coastal Italy. My parents shared with me many photos of their Italian dishes, many having fish or seafood in them. (I'll have to steal a couple for future posts.)

I was very inspired by their platters of seafood and decided to make some of my own with what I had freezed back from the spring mahi run.

I love the color in the dishes. I loved the fresh citrus too.

Below is pan-seered mahi mahi & crab cakes on white rice, surrounded by grilled zucchini & squash, seasoned w/ salt & pepper. Garnished w/ oranges, limes and cherry tomatoes from our garden. Yes, it tasted as good as it looks.
Below is garlic, onions & shrimp on pasta, surrounded by pan-seered zucchini. Garnished with Roma tomatoes & citrus. I like to think of it as one-stop shopping. I'm a carb freak so this was my piece of heaven.

I'll have to get permission to show you the other Italian dishes. You'll love them.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

by Robin

As I was taking shuttle pictures, my camera decided to pick up on the flies that were disturbed by our presence in the back field of the church.


This is not dirt on the lens. We were bombarded w/ flies as we watched the launch.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Sixth time is a charm.

Look at the end of the street. What a perfect view of the shuttle launch. We stepped outside the back door of our church Wednesday evening. This is a better view than what I have at home since very little trees block your view.






I played w/ the brightness to make the shuttle stand out a little better here.

I put zoom on here. I love this picture.

Here is the con trail (short for condensation).

Good luck Endeavour crew!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

by Robin


.....due to weather.....

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

by Robin

Sorry it took me so long to get this picture out to y'all.


Here is Jeff with his 14-15 lb Mahi.

Friday, July 03, 2009


Jack and Jeff did have a nice day on the water but there wasn't much activity where the fish were concerned. They landed a nice 14-15 lb bull dolphin, a barracuda which they released, and then called it a day. I took a picture but won't upload it until tomorrow.

It wasn't the slammer day that Jack had hoped to have, but some days are like that. The moon is at half phase. Water was dirty and not very blue, even as far out as 30 miles (225 ft). Wind ouf of the west, approx 5-10 mph. No weeds, no rips, no baitballs on top of the water, no birds working the water, nothing. Jack tried working with a planer as a downrigger. It was unsuccessful. It's possible but that particular one wasn't big enough. Back to the drawing board.

Happy Boating for the 4th of July!!! Be safe out there.
by Robin

July 1 - Sept 10th, 2009

More info and don't forget the video to see them harvested.

This is what we will be doing in August.

Happy Scalloping this 4th of July weekend!!
by Robin

Jack took off a few minutes ago to take a coworker for an offshore adventure. He did not take the camera since it is the two of them and the seas are also like a little washing machine at low levels out there. (The waves are small but the wind is creating a secondary wind wave that is kicked up.)

I believe Jeff is new to offshore fishing but seemed very up for the adventure. I sure hope he took some ginger or something in case that swishing gets to him. Swishing is different than rolling. Even I have succumb to swishing and it makes me sick just thinking about it, so let's stop talking about it.

I hope to have a fishing post for you later today or tomorrow.
Happy 4th of July for all of you celebrating early!!