Monday, March 31, 2008


Aside from homeschooling, house duty, yard work & gardening, official mail opener & bill payer and barber to 3 men, my OTHER job is teak restorer.

I wanted to crawl right back into bed after waking up this morning, but I forced myself to get up, get everybody fed and start school. In between every single paragraph I read, I wanted to crawl back into bed. Yet, I pressed on.

I have no idea why I do this, especially when I don't want to do anything; but, I decided I needed another job. Why not put a coat of varnish inbetween grading this or teaching that? Varnishing doesn't take but a minute and there is a lot of down time between coats to delegate more school work.

I did that a couple more hours and by 2:30pm, I was outside full-time still barking orders like, "Do your Spanish", "What did you score?" and "pick up". I had decided to sand (80 grit) more teak between varnishing about 10 different pieces now sitting on 2 boards in the sun.

By 6pm, I was shocked at all my labor on a day I initially wanted to crawl back into bed. Gee, I even threw some football with the boys. I have to say that all this hard work is really paying off in the right arm muscle-building and my shoulder bursitis pain is decreasing. (Shhhh, don't tell Jack. He'll have me polishing cars or painting the house after the boat is done.)

By the time Jack gets off for his weekend, he can water seal & install so much in an hour. Then, he can focus on the floor and finishing up the livewell (live fishies!). It will be good not to waste an entire weekend on sanding again.

Happy Fishing all!

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