Thursday, March 27, 2008


Her entire face looks different this morning. Somebody got a nose job at 9:30 am. Her pulpit (nose) is back on and the guard rail was added too.

Jack is out there putting on the final screws and making sure everything gets a dab of sealant to prevent water leaks and eventually damage.
After lunch, we'll focus on painting more non-skid and those remaining small spots that haven't been painted. Once that is done, we'll be able to put all those other little pieces of hardware on, like pole holders. We're in those final steps.

We will have to spend an entire day with some work on the trailer before she travels anywhere. Because the boat has been sitting for so long, the one trailer wheel is locked up with rust. Ahhh, the joys of owning a boat. You're never finished with your project. LOL
If you're new and just joining us on our Mako 248 restoration project, welcome. We started our project back around Sept 1st. It has been a long 6.5 months of dedication most weekends. It won't be long and my Robin's Reports will be back to showing fishing pictures!
Happy Fishing,

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