Saturday, March 22, 2008

RUB RAIL - Check!!

This stinker was like trying to fight a 62 ft python. It had a mind of its own with all those coils from sitting in the box. Jack was so patient with my ever-whine.

SIDE CUDDY WINDOWS painted - Check!!

I know it is hard to tell but those windows went from brown to brown & white (paint faux pas) early in the upperdeck makeover to BLACK!! Yeah. Our uniform color scheme is finally coming together.

PULPIT - Check!!
Sorry that I got pics from different angles but you get the idea. Sanded, primed and painted in Snow White!

Non-skid beads added to flat paint and put on top of the pulpit. This is so I don't slip off a rocking boat while trying to cast to a cobia, mahi or tripletail.

Here is a better view of it. Also, you can see where Jack masked off the edging and it gives it that more detailed, professional look.

Didn't Jack do a fantastic job on it?

I tell ya, the weather tried to wreak havoc on us but it didn't win. All 3x paint was applied to (top, bottom and non-skid top) pulpit, it sprinkled outside. Thankfully, we used our large backyard shed for some of the work. The non-skid was actually rolled on in the garage.

We also used flat paint instead of high gloss finish so the glare doesn't kill our ability to find swiming across the top of the water. Beween sun from above and glare from below, it can really ruin & weaken your eyes. We wear great polarized glasses and I sometimes will wear a dark bandana around my cheeks. Yeah, I know it looks like a bank robbery but it really does help me spot fish much better than anybody else on the boat.

Have a blessed Easter weekend with your families. We will be a celebration service in a.m., having family day and no boat work will be done. Thank you Jesus for taking up the cross, dying without sin and rising again!! By your stripes, I am healed.

Your humble servant.

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