Monday, March 10, 2008


I'm varnishing the backside of the cuddy doors while I'm between loads of laundry and dosing the kids. We're dealing with fevers, coughs and some head congestion.
This is coat #2 and I'm probably throw another couple coats on for good measure. The sun is glorious outside and drying the varnish quickly. These pictures do it no justice to the beauty of a thick varnishing on teak wood.

Maybe with Daylight Sav'g Time, Jack can hang the doors in an evening. He already attached the new plexiglass top section to the boat. I can't wait. Then, after that part is done, we'll be focusing on sanding down that bad paint on the gunnels again.
It has been a long and big project but I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. Once it is done, we will fish the boat until it is falling apart and then get something else. She's already 20 and I figure we'll get another 5-10 yrs out of her. Of course, this all depends on whatever the transom wood is doing. (Ladies, that is the back end of the boat where fiberglass covers the wood that holds the engine.)
Happy Fishing,

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