Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Even if I can't get out to fish, Mom and Dad keep me entertained with their fishing pictures. Yesterday, Dad caught a monster catfish out of Lake Lanier. I'm not sure who got naming rights but this is Big Joe.

Dad uses light line to catch various bass in the lake so it was an effort to get this big guy out of the water. Joe was released after the taking of these pics.

BOAT UPDATE: We are getting help tomorrow. Jack knew I couldn't possible do all the pulpit installment work without another pair of hands. That thing is heavy!!

When we took it off, I loosened the bolts and Jack simply stood on a ladder and grabbed it when it released from its position. I'm so happy that John is coming to help. He's a good guy and he loves being around the kids. He's a grandpa himself. He works with Jack so he is very handy to have around too.
I'm dreaming of warmer days and heading out on the water to hold one of these in my hands again. It won't be long now.

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