Sunday, March 09, 2008

CONSOLE / HELM- finished!! YEAH!

We added the finishing pieces of teak on Friday & Saturday. I did a lot of sanding & varnishing while Jack put in his new tach - - which happens to work when you get one that is in working order. (Ah-hem!) I'm not naming names but after Jack said something about his situation to a friend, we found out several other folks have had similar situations. I don't know if a report to BBB is in order but we certainly won't be recommending them any more.

Here is a side view from a distance. The big cuddy doors were sanded on Thursday and Jack varnished them Saturday. They need a couple more coats and they will be hung ASAP in that blank spot on the left.

Here is a close up of the little door that opens up to the wires in the back.

Blogger is unhappy with my gunnel pictures but I am able to add these of the doors. The top one is still silvered/ weathered look. The bottom one has been sanded down and is waiting for varinish.

Here is a self-portrait (w/ timer) of me sanding the doors. What a mess it makes to sand. I had safety goggles on but they were fogging up with my mask on. I paid the price with getting dust in my eyes and not being able to wear contacts for the next 2 days.

The good thing about sanding is that it is easy enough to set up & work for 30 min while the kids ride bikes or play a little football. I plan on doing more pieces for Jack after we're done with schooling this week.

Oh good....... blogger accepted this picture. Here is a pic of the gunnels being painted. See the paper on the bottom to protect the hull's paint? The new white is mostly on the left (above the paper), but then Jack painted a little block of white under that metal cleat. You can see the old off-white in either side of it.

It was a beautiful job that Jack did. No runs, nice coverage, perfecto. THEN.........

Lots of rain came and hit us. It ruined the paint job. We had to laugh to keep from crying. And Christians will understand this, but we did some self-examination Friday morning to see what God was saying to us about this boat project. Every single time we paint, we have to repaint 2 or 3 times. It may seem incidental or coincidental to many, but for Jack and I, we felt it on a spiritual level as well. God was disciplining a small area of our homelife for a bigger purpose. I hope that we've understood God correctly and we will continue on with the boat restoration, hopefully with a lot less extra painting.
So, that was the weekend update on the boat. Once those gunnels are completed, we can put the pulpit & guard rail back on this baby and be very close to completion & fishing once again.
Happy Fishing,

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