Friday, March 07, 2008

(pictures added later)

They were prepared, sanded and painted yesterday and five minutes later, God opened up rain clouds that weren't suppose to be here until Friday. Infact, God made quite the liar out of many weathermen this weekend. No rain was suppose to hit our area until the wee hours of Friday. Fronts move faster than expected. Rain went much more to the north today than expected. We really should have painted early today, but we took a risk yesterday and lost.

What are you going to do? Just resand and repaint.

Also, yesterday morning, I took a couple hours to sand down the cuddy cabin doors, so they are ready for their coat of varnish whenever Jack is ready. I'll love seeing it back up there, restored.

We also have another issue going on. Jack's old tachometer worked when put back in so this morning, he goes to take back the "new" one that isn't working. They won't take returns. I got hopping angry when I heard this and I got on the phone with the owner and went over details of my picking up the tach and how I never saw it working, tested, whatever he wants to claim. In short, he decided it would be ok to allow an exchange. Jack turned around and picked up another "new" one. He was a little embarassed that I got involved in order to fix this, but I don't care. I've mellowed fairly well with age, but don't try to cheat me out of a dime, buddy. My impression is that he saw "Woman w/ kids" coming and took advantage of the situation. I guess he didn't see the Italian, German, slight Irish part of the woman. That's a deadly trifecta.

Happy Fishing. We'll be out there soon.

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