Sunday, March 02, 2008

This was an original picture from a month or so ago. The radio was in the middle and everything else sat on mounting brackets. The brown & cream color is still everywhere. We had no room behind that electronics panel which is why the DVD player was put in the middle. The entire backpanel was cut out. (see last picture)

Now, the electronics have been flush-mounted into a big piece of starboard. (Steering wheel removed for the moment.) There is a new tachometer and other instruments are repainted with a fresh black enamel. Throttle (on right) box was also repainted.
At the bottom, new cigarette lighter was installed on bottom left so that we can now use our hand-held spotlight for night fishing. Switch panel (bottom - horizontal box) was also repainted black & given new placards, LED lights for night reading and some new wiring in the back. Oh and everything is now sitting on a WHITE console. Whew-whee!!

Here is a closer peek at the switch panel's new placards to go with each switch above it.
In front is the old, faded placard.

Here is the console prior to painting this weekend. You can see the completely open electronics area. In the 1987 Mako 248, the upper space is very shallow because the idea of flush-mounted electronics hadn't been invented. There was very little in the way of electronics at all. So, this entire area needed removing and reworking. Jack will have to make an entirely new backside (inside the cuddy) to protect & make easy access to the back of his electronics.
We did run the engine last night but battery #2 was dead. Tachometer wasn't working either. Could be a simple wiring fix on the tac or it the combo of the two could lead to a possible alternator problem. Jack was discouraged by this, but my outlook was, "Hey, what's the big deal? We've fixed everything else on the boat. Might as well fix this too." This is also why we have two batteries while out fishing. You can still run home on 1 battery just fine.
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