Saturday, April 05, 2008

by Robin
In the pic below, the (upside-down) interior of the livewell is being rejoined back to the upper lid of the box. All the was separated to make changes. One of the worst features on the original piece was that water was able to go between this area and creep into inside & floor beneath the livewell. Bad design. Now, the only place water can exit is through the hatch (door) or the drain.

Below is the pic showing the exterior section of the livewell being married to the piece above after it was dry. Some of it is screwed together until the first pieces of fiberglass are laid. Jack had to remove the entire white layer to get to the original glass and then add his layers of fiberglass.

At this moment, the entire box is finished & being sanded. Jack put the fittings back into the holes. Any minute now, he's going to take it to the shed and paint it white to match the rest of the boat.

We weren't able to paint the floor of the boat this week because we've had showers. Yesterday was the livewell. Today, painting & more teak. I'll probably have more pictures tomorrow of the progress.

Happy Fishing

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