Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You can tell the final purchases are being made to get this project near completion.

Jack asked me if I would please run an errand for him today. The kids were up at 7:20, eating and schooling by 8am sharp. By 10am, we were in the car on our way to Flounder Pounder (yes, that is the real name). I had my list, a tape measure and a cell phone with Jack on speed dial.

Here is a tac-om-eter. Don't ask me to spell that correctly. Our other one required a lot of tapping to make sure it wasn't stuck.

My second purchase was to find something to make into an instrumental panel. There were acrylic pieces that might have looked fantastic but probably not as durable. PVC foam board was available but not practical when left in the elements, hence acrylic glue-overs.
This is called starboard. If the blog will let you enlarge, you'd see that one side is smooth-ish and the other side is non-skid textured. Starboard is $2/pound. Each board is 13 lbs and we bought 2. One board is for making into a bait cutting board on the back of the boat.

Then, Mr. UPS came by the house in the afternoon and brought us this!! The rub rail has come in. Yeah.

There are actually 2 parts in the box. The main rubber piece and then the insert that wedges in the big part to cover up all the screws. In the past 20 years, rub rails have changed a bit and so we could only find it in this size (1 and 7/8th" vs 2" old style). You're looking at 62 ft of rub rail. You don't want to know the price of black rubber.
I think one of the last semi-big purchases to make will be the tubes that go from a bilge pump out to the drains leading to the exterior of the boat (ocean).
We're in the midst of a big cold front, but Jack is hopeful to paint this weekend. A lot of parts are near done for painting. Pray for white gunnels!
Happy Fishing,

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