Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Jack went to a boat salvage yard today to look for hatches to put in the inside wall of the transom. Right now, it is a single hatch (for the battery switch) which won't allow him access to all sorts of bolts on the sides. Many Mako restorations include plenty of custom features that just make more sense now. Adding access to areas is a fairly easy and common fix.

Jack found two hatches at Flounder Pounder's salvage yard. They do need a little loving but otherwise, they're good to use and a fraction of the cost of new. Once installed, they will stay there for good.
Our fish box (seen above) actually is a place of storage for marine items in our garage. It is beautiful but not practical for keeping fish fresh. There is no insulation in the sides so ice melts rather quickly and fish meat spoils. We found it cumbersome to have right in the back, where we want to be fishing. We like having our long, portable, insulated cooler instead.
The item in yellow is a bag of disposable work suits. This is to keep the fiberglass shards off of Jack's exposed flesh.
Less exciting, there were 2 bags of fiberglass cloth, disposable brushes and epoxies, etc.
We talked tonight about creating a "punch list" which sounds no different than a to-do list with a spot to either make checks or put in dates as goals. I'll probably help him with that tomorrow night.
Happy Fishing y'all!
PS: Please, somebody catch a fish for me. I'm starting to have withdrawls.

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