Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I had to double-post today. My heart is aching as I read hundreds of posts of people praying and searching for Nikki. It is nearly been 4 full days since Nikki went down for an ordinary dive to spear some fish. She and her dive partner both reached bottom together and then parted ways. That was the last anybody had seen Nikki. The current was fast and many of the divers were found far from the boat. Nikki was the only one that wasn't picked up. From there, a massive call went out to all dive boats, fishermen and the Coast Guard.

Night fell quickly and so the search had to resume Sunday morning. The dive originated in Jupiter, FL but search parties went out from there, Vero and Sebastian inlet. I do not know all the names or boats that participated but I pray that God blesses each one for their valiant efforts to find Nikki alive. Around Sun evening, the CG had stopped their search BUT, .... but the family of divers, spearfishermen and fishermen across the US did not give up hope. Many know her and knew she was a strong swimmer and smart. Nikki is also a psychologist at a Special needs school in Melbourne. I have friends that work with her. They all agree that if anybody could survive a few days in the ocean, it would be her.

Monday came and the search did not stop. Fellow divers sought out other aviation companies & pilots to donate time in the air to search patterns for her. Other people donated through paypal more funds for the search. Dive boats continue to refill their tanks with air and p/u a fresh load of divers. I'm tellin' ya, there is a massive effort out there to find Nikki either on top or below the water. The computer internet has provided excellent communications for people to check new area and possible float patterns.
Yesterday, a diver found Nikki's speargun loaded approx .6 mi north of the dive site. (not a bad sign) A plane spotter found an inflatable chair about 26 mi NE of Port Canaveral that was originally thought to be hers but isn't. (another good sign) The winds have changed for the better that she may be blown closer to shore.

The TV is still running her story, as well as local newpapers.
(click link to video of hope) The Fales family in the video are good friends of mine.

Nikki, we are praying for your safe return home. I grieve each night as the sun falls and I'm aware that you're still floating out there. I'm thankful for the full moon to provide her with light at night. I pray she is using her dive light, shark repellant and knife to eat food from the ocean. I also pray for her family who have been so graceful and hopeful during these days. May they continue to keep their strength and hope.

Father, please bring Nikki back to shore or in the sight of a spotter. Thank you Lord for the massive efforts you've inspired in people to bring her back to dry ground.
In Jesus's name,
PS: This is the last picture of Nikki on her first dive Saturday.

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