Thursday, September 27, 2007

I *can* use powertools!!

Maybe I am more handy than I thought.

Jack has been very busy with his job this week and I have actually finished homeschooling early each day. (Or at least what feels like early since we no longer have daddy interruptions or long lunches.) So, he asked me if I felt comfortable with removing some of the items along the sides of the boat.

I did not think I had it in me, but I managed to remove more than I expected. It was nice to work as the sun went behind the house. The boys rode bikes and I had a 2nd story view of them.
Everything has to be duct taped after it is removed to prevent our near-daily rains from getting into the wood.
I only messed up one thing. It was a rookie mistake that could have been prevented, but thankfully I'm married to a professional who can right my wrong.
I also managed to take the training wheels off a bike and put air in all the tires. I actually changed a lightbulb in a ceiling fan two weeks ago. Wow, maybe I shouldn't tell Jack that I can do all the "honey-do's". Shhhh. I've already got enough chores around the house.
Update on Nikki: There has been no further progress in finding Nikki who was lost at sea Sat afternoon. Last I read, the Coast Guard had covered over 1300 sq mi. Info changes so quickly so here is a link if you care to follow the story. Look at the "Stickies" at the top. Also, there is a link provided if you care to donate to her fund.
(My apologies for copying pictures from that forum. My intent is to get the word out to more folks and put a face with a name. I see that Google has already put my blog on their first page for searches on Nikki. ) Our hearts and prayers go out to Nikki and her family.

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Andy Rayner said...

Hi Robin
Nice to hear from you. We have been very busy. Had bumper week at the fish this week, after a bust week last week. But things will soon wind down. This coming week will probably be the last week for the mackerel, and eel season is closed Oct 15th.
However, there are nets we are soon landing, and places \where we double them up. So less sailing and time to fish them. I will finally have time to work on a masters course I began 2 weeks ago. (Not the fuller one - just a class I wanted to take.) But I will have 3 of the 15 modules done by tomorrow night. I have been reading as I can on the boat between schools of fish, and late evenings.
As for MCC college- they will accept your kids no problem. We have had many Americans come up. One from Texas, and I went to school with some from the Caribbean Islands - Antigua, Jamaica. Anyway, I know the boys are young. But keep it in mind. A great school.
Have to run. Office work galore to finish before service tomorrow.