Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rain prevented us from getting work done on the boat itself, so Jack removed the livewell (tank that holds live fish) and worked on its cosmetic problems.

He not only filled holes, but he repaired broken fiberglass areas. A surprise [NOT] was the dead shrimp caught up in the side area. This is a design flaw which will be corrected.
Also, this morning, Jack woke up to some pretty infected knuckles. We have been disinfecting and cleaning out multiple times today. He wore a glove while working on the livewell too. What he didn't do was wear long sleeves while sanding the fiberglass and all those thousands of tiny particles ended up in his forearms which now feel pricked everytime he moves. Make sure you wear a mask if you're going to work around these fiberglass particles. I wore one just to change over laundry.
Here is Daddy's helper today. I was busy with schooling and house chores, so Jack had our boxer, Jackson, for entertainment. No, we did not name him that.... it's coincidence.

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