Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This is the one closest to the autumnal equinox (so I'm told). Here's a homeschooling lesson for the day:

In the days before electric lights, farmers relied on moonlight to help them gather ripening autumn crops. The bright Harvest Moon allowed their work to continue late into the night. Now, post-Edison, we appreciate the Harvest Moon more for its beauty than its utility. Moonrise happens tonight at sunset; look east and enjoy the view! (brussel sprouts)

While our Florida garden isn't even close to harvest, I would imagine that the rest of the US garden are nearing harvest, picking and canning times. We may need to pick a moon in Nov or Dec to harvest by moonlight (ha ha). (sweet bell pepper)

Please remember Nikki Cuomo in your prayers. She is a diver that has been lost 3 days at sea. They are beginning to find her speargun and "sausage" float, but not her. The coast guard had called off the search but in light of new clues, they are back on. Blessings to all those that are volunteering time, money, oxygen tanks and planes for her rescue. Our community has truly pulled together to find Nikki.

Happy Harvesting,

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