Thursday, September 13, 2007

Here is a collage of my fall garden. Top left is the day I put in the dirt and young herb plants that I bought. Look at how much they're grown in 3 wks. I'm getting my rows of baby carrots and brussel sprouts.
On the right side of the garden (now expanded), I have a tomato section. My cherry tomatoes are from seeds that I've used for the past several years. I call them hurricane tomatos because a friend got them in her yard back during Hurricane Andrew. I got them in 2002 or 3, but after the 2004 hurricanes, I found them transplanted all around my yard and around the corner. If it weren't for those plants, I would have lost my next generation. Anyhow, they do make a fantastic salad tomato since they're so small and sweet.
My onions are up and I'm still turning grown in the new section. I'd be done if it weren't for all these afternoon t-storms.
Happy Fishing and Gardening,

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Genny said...

Robin, your garden is really growing well! You're inspiring me to put in a veggie garden of my own. Love the pictures.