Saturday, September 29, 2007

Before & After PICS of weekend progress

We spent several hours on the boat today. We removed the guard rail, soft top, windshield, rub-rail, rest of cleats & misc things off the back.
I'm too tired to write a novel so pictures may have to do.
The first is a comparison, although not a perfect 'before' shot was captured. I had to use an old photo from the old house and reverse it to make the comparison. Next is the picture of the windshield removal after the soft canvas top was removed.

Big growth in the garden after a week of rain.

Seedlings are getting bigger.

I did a little transplanting late this afternoon between some rain. I should have approx 12 brussel sprout plants, 19 cauliflower heads and plenty of other veggies this winter. Sadly, none of my citrus trees did well with the move and I lost all my fruit early in the season. I'm hoping for a much better yield next year at the new home.

Nice growth on the herbs in the garden. Growing herbs has been new to me and a welcomed surprised of great taste in my cooking. I meant to take the top off my basil plant before it seeded but I was too late. I think that is because all this is so new to me. Still, it is beautiful. Removing the top is suppose to make the plant bushier.

Last but not least, we had some personal achievements this weekend. Somebody, who has been avoiding his bike & the old training wheels, is learning to ride his bike. On day 2, he not only managed to secure his balance & turn, but he has decided to challenge himself with tricks. Look Mom, 1-hand!! Our eldest went from bike to skateboard to rollerblades. (By the way, we found the other 2 helmets after this picture was taken. Safety first.)
Be good to your boat!

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Renee said...

You GO girl!

You are the Pr. 31 woman...
The boys look great as does your garden!

Jack's doing an awesome job!