Monday, February 01, 2010

by Robin

I found these today online. I love them both for totally different reasons.

I am truly in fishing withdrawls. I don't think we've ever gone this long without fishing since owning our boat. I'm highly anticipating clean blue water, mahi spotting & fishing and much warmer days ahead. I don't think I could ever live landlocked ever again. The ocean is in my blood and it will stay with me forever.


Then, this one........ it makes me laugh. Jack has a favorite song where the lyrics start with, "If you ain't been aground, then you, ain't been around. Just pray to God the high-tide will set you free." Yep. This is the poster-child for that song.


How much longer must I wait.........

(Part of me really hates this strict schedule that I've gotten myself into with teaching a class at the co-op. Sigh.)

Happy Fishing!

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