Sunday, January 31, 2010

by Robin

I was doing some research for a blog post that I intend to put up in the next day or so. I'm gathering info & images to defend something I heard at the baith shop down by the port. Anyhow, what I found was something entirely different but shockly interesting none-the-less.

Don't tell me there is no agenda to shut down fishing!!!

In This National Geographic article, written in 2002, it summarizes how declassified military technology was now being used to help fishermen find the best sea beds to drop their nets and essentially rape the ocean of all the fish. Beyond ocean floor maps, NOAA (weather) was releasing daily faxes to sword fleets to help them find the fish. (In truth, they're available for anybody to view online, not just to sword fishermen.)

Anyhow, a study was done by the Pew Charitable Trusts (remember that name), focusing on the North Atlantic Ocean. Interesting, because last time I read up on some of my snapper-debate links, PEW CHARITABLE TRUSTS (read here) was also responsible for the research & arguments for shutting down South Atlantic Red Snapper fishing.

PEW claims "The researchers found that quantity of fish hauled from the North Atlantic has doubled since the 1950s and increased eight-fold from levels harvested at the turn of the last century.
The result has been the collapse of fisheries in the North Atlantic and around the world—fish stocks in the Northern Atlantic are only one third of what they were in 1950 and one sixth what they were in 1900.

And this decline is accelerating, said Daniel Pauly, who led the study." (Listen here to the Perils of Overfishing by Mr. Pauly )

(SIMILAR Red Snapper argument: "The rule is supposed to be a stopgap while government agencies consider setting more sweeping, long-term restrictions in response to government research that estimates the stock of red snapper in the Southeast is just 3 percent of what it was in the 1950s." )

Pew goes on to say about the North Atlantic.....

"We need to reduce fishing pressure and fleet sizes and have broader protections for habitats and ecosystems. No-take zones are the best, but the hardest to achieve politically, he said.
(South Atlantic's Red Snapper similar version ) Certain fishing areas in the North Atlantic should be tightly restricted, and catch quotas should all be implemented, added Rosenberg.
We need to close at least 30 percent of the North Atlantic Ocean to fishing, said Pauly. Without such measures we will lose all our fisheries. "

Ok folks, take a deep breath and clear your mind a second. They make it sound much like "The Sky is Falling" scenario, much like we heard from Congress about bailouts, takeovers, and rescues. I also couldn't help but notice that the sky was always falling from the liberal media's "sky". They've got one professor and a highly funded Trust to defend their point, meanwhile, we've got hundreds to thousands of fishermen that argue the point on many of these species. Yet, we keep getting our fishing grounds shut down. Why is that??

As Beck would say, blood is shooting out of my eyeballs from reading all these lies or twisted truths, at best. What can you do about it?

"United We Fish" to seek Congressional Support
on February 24, 2010.

Read Here for more details.

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