Friday, February 12, 2010

by Robin

Here is my then-8, now 13 yr old with his first Red Snapper ever in his life. This one had to be released to grow up, but he has since caught a few keepers.


Sometimes while fishing for snappers, we end up with sharks. Our first shark in Central FL was a Scalloped Hammerhead, whose pictures were lost in a hard-drive crash years ago. We've caught a couple Nurse sharks as well. This one is a smaller spinner shark which was released inspite of the bloody lip I gave him for eating my hook.


It make Jack so nervous that I like to try to hold the smaller sharks. Many varieties of fish have given me teachable moments with our children. I like for them to get to feel the sandpaper skin, look at the Ampules of Lorenzini on the nose and notice body shape. Remoras are always fun to show visitors as they will stick right to the side of the boat we removing the hook. I have countless reef fish I've photographed so we could ID later at home. We have a favorite shark nursery reef to take cousins so they can catch their own baby shark. They love that.

Oh gee, here's a good one. They day we taught our son to stick his fingers in the eye of a flounder. Yep, those are some good times. (LOL) He wasn't buying it though.


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