Thursday, February 11, 2010

by Robin

As long as I'm going back to 2004, I thought I'd grab more for the rest of the week.


This was Jack with his 15.5 lb Tripletail. As you can see, the water was like glass. Heat was unbearable - but we love that sort of thing. We were motoring around looking for tripletail when we came across a branch in the water. This guy was hanging out underneath it.

One live shrimp, a deadly cast past the fish, then dragging the shrimp into view and....... s/he was ours!!

Nothing beats the meat of a tripletail. They are still one of my most favorite fish to scout for. You really have to be stealthy in a several thousand pound boat w/ engine running. Jack is a much more accurate caster than I, so he throws and I'm his eyes while standing on the cuddy. We have to whisper. Kids are still & silent. You'd think we were hunting an eight-point buck who was walking by us.

Teamwork really paid off that day.

It also paid off this other day. Jack's tripletail is on the left. Mine is on the right. LOL. Seriously, Jack was very gracious to cast for me, make the hook-up and then let me bring in my 14 lber.

(Gee, I wish I'd put on some make-up once in a while.)

Oh what I'd do for a tripletail day on the water.

Happy Fishing!

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