Monday, February 15, 2010

PITIFUL FISHING DAY (glad we didn't waste the gas)
by Robin

Jack and I went down to the port for our Sun evening date where we listen to some live music and grab a nice appetizer or two for Valentine's Day.

I brought the camera in order to take pictures of fish coming in off the boats, but I had no such luck. Most boats didn't even go out. Then, we saw the Orlando Princess (?) heading for her dock. We walked the road until we met up with those getting off the boat. Most were sooo disappointed. Only a couple people waited for fish.

One man asked another how they did.

He replied, "Only little stuff. Nothing big at all."

So, my subjects for he day are pelicans and one mockingbird.


Even the birds are bored because no one is cleaning fish.

We debated for a while if this guy was missing a leg or just holding up a good one.

Sure enough, he had 2 legs, but I sure couldn't find the other until we forced the issue and made him hop away.

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