Friday, April 03, 2009

Slight Pause
by Robin

I have the pictures ready to go for the shuttle rocket recovery blog, but it's late and I've spent way too much time on Facebook. Maybe tomorrow I can post them AFTER the kids and I get back from our "Casting" competition at the Fair.

It's silly really. The boys and I will cast against another 4H family (very little turnout) to hit a marker in the middle of the lake. Winners will be announced later. I think I'm the only adult. Pitiful. I guess all the men are offshore fishing, for real. I wonder if we get a fishing pole as a trophy?

My other motive for going is to see how we did with our Photography entries. Btw, our Marine entries did very well. Little man and I both took Best in Division for our salty selections. I don't think we get any of that stuff back until the 14th. Pictures will be forth coming when that happens.

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