Saturday, March 14, 2009

To Sharie - batteries
by Robin

Sharie, you made me laugh by commenting that I have to promise to never go fishing without extra batteries.

The truth is that I brought extra batteries AND I confiscated 2 more batteries from our emergency ditch bag. My big problem was the the rechargeables are nearing the end of their life. Even on a full charge, they were too underpowered for the new camera and it kept turning off. Totally useless and I stomped my feet on the boat. With the other AA batteries, I got a few more shots, but even still.... the camera would shut down some. I'm *really* glad my life didn't depend on THOSE batteries.

For me, it is a learning lesson on two levels. I need Lithium - ultimate performance batteries for the camera. But it made me realize that maybe I should buy something similar to that quality for the emergency ditch bag. I don't really need the energizer bunny drowning on me in 5 hrs when I'm floating at sea. kwim?

So, I'm 0 for 2 on the "camera-at-sea" photography. Must take Memory card and multiple sets of LITHIUM batteries offshore!!!

Later today, we're heading to the Cobia Tournament weigh-in. Should be fun.

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Sharie said...

One word: eneloop. Get Eneloop rechargeable batteries. They are amazing and I've read so much good stuff about them. You can get them on Amazon.