Wednesday, March 04, 2009

by Robin

I keep a sitemeter on this site and I've been having a lot more traffic than normal. It seems that somebody from g oooo gle (put it together) has decided to make my website a reference website for anybody looking up fishing gear. This coming off the heels of my "arsenal" blog a couple months ago.

I also happen to be a reference website for boat restoration pictures.

Funny thing, many of my hits are coming from International countries which makes for a great geography lesson for the kids and myself. I had no idea that people from India or Sweden would care about my handful of poles & reels out in the garage. Gee. If I had known it would become a hit for people searching, I might have tried a little harder on my photography.

Happy Fishing y'all!!!

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Connordog said...

I think it's great! You have an awesome blog!