Sunday, March 08, 2009

by Robin

Do you get it?? This blog is about our new reels and jigs.


Jack has a new pink jig for cobia fishing, but usually we use a fluorescent yellow one. The white jig on the right is actually a glow-in-the-dark one. This is for fishing 100+ ft of water where the lights go out at the bottom. I'm going to be glowing like Area 51. LOL.

I thought I'd take pictures of Jack's new reels as he was putting everything together for Monday's trip. What a better time than now to get those pics of the new reels. No grains of salt on them yet. No squid ink. No fish guts. (Renee & Jeanne.....stop reading this. I won't responsible for making pregnant women puke.)


Anyhow, they're beautiful. At least to me they are. Or maybe I'm more impressed that I was about 15 ft away when I took these pics. (Sharie, these are straight out of the camera perfecto!)


I am LOVING the new zoom on the new camera.

Oh and before I hit "publish", I would be bad if I didn't admit that we did a recheck & did repacking of our Abandon ship bag in light of what happened last week with 3 of the 4 NFL/football players being lost in the Gulf. Two of our GPS & VHS radio had dead batteries. Good thing we checked!! Jack tested the EPIRB and radio, plus reuploaded position for the GPS with fresh batteries.


I refrained last week mentioning anything about the men lost at sea for their families' sakes. Something like this hits all of the fishing community hard. I think it is because we all realize it could be one of us. However, I can't help but wonder, with all that money they make, why they didn't all have personal EPIRB (emerg personal beacons) with or on them? It would have saved their lives. Ours narrows our location, after getting wet or being manually discharged, and sends an emergency message to the Coast Guard in 15 minutes!! Yes, 15 minutes. It still may take half a day to be located & rescued but at least that beats hypothermia, exposure or shark attack over longer periods of time.

I won't stay on any soapbox but let's just say it scared us enough to repack our bag. My heart goes out to the family members of those football players.

Happy Fishing!! I'll be back tomorrow with a Fishing Report!


Sharie said...

A good zoom gives great depth of field pics, which I LOVE! With my old(ish) camera I would stand way back and zoom in to get that blurred background.

Looks like you're all set for a great fishing season! Looking forward to some great pics from the ocean!

Karen said...

Your camera is taking great pictures. Now put lots of fish in them. :)