Tuesday, August 05, 2008

by Robin

Looks like that will be our first opportunity to go out this week. Jack's been busy at work. I've been busy. I've been on land too long. We're in serious withdrawls.

We were invited along on another friend, John's boat (all 4 of us), but honestly, I didn't want that. I like fishing out of our boat. It's familiar. It's an old friend. It's home away from home when we're 25 miles offshore. I couldn't really explain that to Jack last night. I don't know this particular friend very well but quite honestly, that's not the reason.

Fishing is our family's hobby and sometimes it is simply nice enough to do things being just the 4 of us. I had a wonderful weekend of doing the musical with the kids at church but I'm ready to cocoon up and be with just my family.

I suppose we'll meet up with John and his wife out on a reef or something like that; but I'm looking forward to that long ride out, putting a leg or toe over on Jack's console, seeing that look he gives me, pulling that rewarding fish into the boat..... together as a team. Many people don't know this but fishing is that glue in a marriage. LOL

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