Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ummmm...... No FISH
by Robin

If you ever happen to see me announce a fishing day and then 2 days go by with no pictures.... um, ..... there's no fish. Sometimes we call it a skunking.

Well, actually there were barracuda and kingfish caught but Jack took no pictures and didn't give me hardly any information other than the water was dirty & green very far out. Green water = kings & barracuda. I think he pulled in a barracuda. Gave his portion of the kingfish meat away.

Weather held out pretty nice. Today, we had a nice Gustav band all the way up here. It was a quick wind & rain that ended as soon as it got started.

Jack said that the company was good. They guys enjoyed hanging out together outside of work.

I don't think the seas will be fishable in the near - future thanks to Hannah (primarily) and Gustav. Next time seas & money coincide, I'll be going.......... and there WILL be fish pictures.

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Kat said...

Robin..Love your is beautifully done...and so good to keep up with you this way! I hope you stay safe from Hanna...
Many blessings to you and those fishermen of yours...