Thursday, August 21, 2008

by Robin
This is what fishermen do in the off time.


Higginszoo said...

LOL! Looks like fun!

I remember playing between the bands of Hurricane David in 1979. It was fun until the next band came and the wind picked me up, umbrella and all, and deposited me 20-30 feet down the street.

Connordog said...

Yep. That looks familiar!

Wendy said...

Hi Robin!

I have been thinking of you. Glad to se you weathered the storm well.

Take care.

Wendy (RobertsRowdyRancher)

Genny said...

I'm glad that you're all okay and had some fun with the water. I've been worried about all you folks in Florida and all the flooding. The boys look like they're having a ball!

Kat said...

Hi Robin...I have been thinking about you..and haven't seen you around SL...and finally found your blog again. So glad you are ok...and look forward to keeping up with you via your blog again!

(jeffyskitty) from SL!