Thursday, August 28, 2008

by Robin

Looks like a crew of guys from Jack's work are all getting together and heading offshore tomorrow in Mike's boat. Seems like a lot of fishermen are either not fishing or sharing in gas expenses. We're praying for good weather to hold out as long as possible and then also for when it hits, not to have lightening involved.

I'm missing fishing but tomorrow isn't a good day for me. Too many other prior obligations (i.e. schooling) & I'm still dealing with some fibromyalgia pain. Jack will just have to pull them in for me (& take pictures).

Today, we skipped our original plans of Sea World and ended up putt-putting at Pirate's Cove in Orlando. We learned so much about Blackbeard's life as we walked around the course. Then, we had an early dinner at Margaritaville at City Walk (by Universal Studios). The guys were craving "Cheeseburgers in Paradise." I had salad and conch soup. We had a cool booth, sitting under rods & reels & fake outriggers filled with fishie flags. Lots of atmosphere in there. They even have a timed volcano go off twice during your meal. Lights flickers & you hear thundering noises, much like it does at the Rainforest Cafe. Orlando has some really interesting stuff in their restaurants to attrack tourists. I don't know how often will eat there but I'm willing to try new places that involve fish replicas and lots of saltwater character.

Happy Fishing and don't forget to check back in to see what Jack caught.

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Kat said...

Robin..I am cracking up...there is a Pirates Cove Putt in Door County...and we always love reading about Blackbeard and the rest!

Stay safe...sweetie!