Thursday, August 21, 2008

by Robin

We still have power at this point. Fay's eye wall is very close to moving off of us after sitting over our area, near our area, skiriting totally around our area for over a day & a half. We had 5"+ of rain last night. My rain jar overflowed. I emptied it at 11am and will be able to judge how much is still coming when I report tonight.
We saw about 20 power trucks head down US 1. Yeah!! Power is very spotty and I suppose a lot of that has to do with limbs down. Praise God there hasn't been a lot of lightning, heavy winds or structural damage with Fay. Below is a series of video & photos that were taken mostly this morning when we took a small outing to check out the local & neighboring community. Thank you everyone who has emailed or called to check on us. Looking at the radar is much more intimidating than actually riding out the storm. Of course, I say this as a woman who has not lost power. I may not be as chipper had God not kept our power on. (Thinking of that hymn, "There is power, power, wonder-working power, in the blood, of the Lamb!...") So, I'll let you enjoy these pics for now. Have a blessed day.

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Becky said...

Wow. We're still waiting here. Light rain and light wind is all we have so far.