Tuesday, August 19, 2008

by Robin


Some of the first easy bands of rain have come and gone. It's 6:30pm on Tuesday and one of the first severe bands has arrived. I hear thunder, see lightening, feel wind & rain hitting my face. The eye should hit about 3am.

I will update on this site as long as the power stays on. I will continue to edit down below. For now, enjoy the video out our back screen door.

UPDATE: 10pm.
Seems like the same band of rain is upon us that was giving us the gusts at 6:30pm. Fay is VERY, VERY slow moving. It reminds me much of Francis in that manner. It is an endurance hurricane party which requires two bags of chocolate, not one. My friend, Renee, would say it requires 2 boxes of Oreoes, not one. Come to think of it, I'm guessing she's having to double that now with all her recently adopted kiddos. 4 boxes Renee? 5?

Anyhow, here is a pic of where Fay stands now. There are many more palm frawns down in the front yard. Winds are sustained 31, gusts 51 mph.

4:15 AM: We're in the eye of the storm. Jack woke me up from a deep sleep on the couch. I took all 3 dogs outside for one of those deperate potty breaks. Nobody wanted to be out when the heavier rain & winds were happening last night. Now, it was relatively peaceful and I thought to myself, maybe Fay has long past us. Nope. I get on the computer and see that we're in the eye.

The good news is that the front yard looks no worse for wear. 5 palm frawns down. Everybody is safe in their beds. Puppies are playing. Jack is awaiting news about when to travel into work. More updates later from the backside of the storm.

10:30 AM Still in the eye........
Dozen or more palm branches.

Lots of oak leaf bunches & branches around the driveway & yard.

Street has lots of pine needles, & spanish moss and oak leaves down.

2.5" rain. No wind, rarely a small gust, no rain. All dogs are happy.

As you can see, the eye hasn't moved much in 6 hours.


Karen said...

You could go into the weather reporting business now.
Good Luck!!!!

Angela said...

Wow! Scary view out the back door!

A few years ago, when we got the remains of Ivan through Atlanta, I was driving home from work and one of those big yellow thingys that shields the traffic light (sort of a u-shaped metal piece) blew down and blew UNDER my car. I couldn't move the car for fear it would rupture something like a fuel line. And it was pouring absolute buckets of rain. I had to get out (in rush hour traffic) and get under the car and grab it. So scary. Our yard also flooded into a moat around the house - all the runoff channels were full. I have a whole new respect for what you guys go through after that!