Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FAY - day 2
by Robin

We had a pretty nice day considering a Tropical Storm was sitting on top of us. Not much rain or wind until 3pm. Then, it slowly picked up but nothing to bat an eyelash at. Here it is 8:45 pm and we're hearing big gusts & rain coming down in buckets. The backside of Fay is finally kicking us in the hiney as she leaves our area. Of course, Fay is stalled in her tracks, so she's going to continue to rotate to our north while we sit in the wall of the eye.

The biggest blessing out of this evening's events is that Melbourne (30-45 min south of me) is finally done with rain for a while. They're having the worst time with street flooding & backed up sewer. The city was asking that folks don't take baths, do dishes or flush the toilets frequently. Ummm.... that isn't very good.

I captured another pic from NOAA. We're SW of the eye in the red area of rain & storms. Basically, it is at the end of the word Orlando on the map. The meteorologist thought Fay would weaken, but they're wrong again. She's unpredictable is what she is. I think I see her strengthening & building up moisture for when she hit Daytona sometime tomorrow (if she moves).

When she hits Daytona, this will be her 3rd landfall in Florida. (1st Keys, 2nd near Marco Island) I have some great video of the wind from tonight, just prior to dusk. Maybe I'll have time to post it tomorrow. I'm sure the gusts are back in the 40's if not more.

UPDATE: Looks like a good day to go fishing tomorrow. Waves are down from 16' early this morning, now at 12 ft. - 20 nm offshore.

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Connordog said...

I wish some of Fay's rain would come our way. Glad you guys are ok!