Monday, August 18, 2008

by Robin

On Friday, Jack took a coworker & his son-in-law out for a day of offshore fishing. In a sense, it was a charter. Coincidentally, our friends Mike & Helen and their kids were also offshore fishing. All these guys work together. I think that's nice for them to have a friendship outside of work as well as at the office.

I don't know any of the specifics other then Jack trolled from probably 100ft to the weather buoy, then south to Pelican Flats or there-abouts. They had plenty of morning knock-downs. His friend, Jeff, lost 3 fish in the fight or at the boat. Then, Jeff's son-in-law, takes the reel & he gets a keeper kingfish weighing approx 10lbs+. (sorry about the strange camera settings)

They had another "freight-train" hit a line, which was likely a wahoo or huge king. They lost that one too. At some point, they also caught a barracuda, nicknamed the spotted hoo or bonehead because their head is really hard. While out & about, they ran into Mike's family who were also trolling.

They were fortunate to have boated 7 mahi mahi the entire day. Of course, they stayed out longer. They have weather radar. Big storms blew through our area right after lunch, forcing Jack to make the decision to come back in by 2pm. I know Jeff was disappointed but that has happened to us numerous other times. There were 2 big cells which Jack passed through (with lightening) and behind it was another line of clouds. What Jack didn't know and I couldn't reach him to tell him via cell phone was that those set of cells dissipated as they went offshore. Oh well. Some days are like that when you're not Chief Meterologist with Viper or Dopplar Radar on your boat. We want to live to fish another day. Here are some of the clouds that Jack was looking at.

(Above - approaching the cell. Below - passing between them.)

Looks like this upcoming week will also be a bust thanks to T.S. (or Hurricane) Fay coming up through the state of Florida.

Happy Fishing,


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