Saturday, July 26, 2008

by Robin

We never were able to head offshore on Friday. We had a family meeting on the couch at 5:30 am with one child coughing like he had the croup. So, that meant he and I were staying home. Then, it went back-n-forth about Jack & my eldest. My eldest tends to get 'green' more easily and mixing that with dieself makes for a stubborn little fisherman. He did not want to go on that boat.

So Jack made the call and then we sent everybody back to bed.

We had a late breakfast, Jack fiberglassed in the gouge on the front of the boat while I ate bon bons on the couch. (NOT! - just seeing who's paying attention) I had put Round-up on all my edging, just in time, before a single cloud storm decided to wash most of it away. Lunch was simple & the skies had cleared, so Jack says he wants to put the boat in the river to put the boat through her paces. Sitting in the driveway is the worst thing for a boat.

So, with full tummies and nobody to infect the croup on (except the other 3 of us which already were exposed), we dunked the boat at 3pm and got back out about 4. It was a nice trip north to Haulover Canal and back. Nothing fancy except this..........

While it was hot, she cooled right down once the boat was up on plane. She makes a wonderful boat dog.

I think we were running about 20 mph here. You can see her ears flapping in the breeze.
We couldn't be more happy that she was comfortable on the boat and had no problems walking up & down the gunnel walkway. Now, we will definitely need to fit her with a life jacket. Part of me thinks, "Well, she's a dog. She should be able to swim." But then the otherside of me felt so irresponsible when we saw a gorgeous doberman on the bow of his boat with a life jacket on. I guess that is next on our list of things to get for Sam.


Angela said...

So cute! And yes, definitely get her a life jacket. Just in case she hits her head going over or something. And also makes her MUCH easier to fish out.

ox, nana said...

I love your blogs, Robin! WowEEEEEEE girly... U are a great photographer and amazing story teller! The boys are 'living' dolls! Sharie is 'blessed' to have you as an email buddy!

ox, nana