Wednesday, July 30, 2008

by Robin

The past 2 days in Florida waters were considered mini-season. Mini-season is when the recreational divers are allowed to go out and harvest what spiny lobsters they can legally catch (based on bag # limits, size & without eggs) before the regular season opens up in August. The point being that the average Joe can go out and get something for the dinner plate before the commercial guys get their share. It quite a nice advantage.

Sadly, this two-day event usually brings some bad with the good. Off of one of our favorite fishing spots, Pelican Flats, 2 divers were separated from their boat. Fortunately, those two were found by lunch time & rescued. Another 2 divers in 2 separate FL locations were not so fortunate. My deepest condolances to the families.

If you'd like to read more & see the rescue video of the 2 divers, please follow this link:

By the way, we did not go out and dive for lobster. Jack is a certified diver but we've haven't had the time to really pursue diving for spiny lobster. It always sounds appealing though. That and scallops on the Gulf Coast in late summer. I hear scallop diving in the shallows can be quite the family event. I think that would be a fun thing to do as the boys get older.

Happy Diving & BE SAFE!!

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