Tuesday, July 08, 2008

by Robin

This......... I did not do. It is a deep gash on the bow that was made last month when Jack went out with a friend. Accidents happen. Wind, waves, current, learning a new trailer....

And then this happened last week when I was loading the boat onto the trailer. I had the wench hook (barely in the picture) in front of the orange bumper when Jack drove it up the trailer. As the boat settled back down, it made scratches up the front. (below the hooking ring - ??name)

Jack had to reverse so I could pull the wench line back out of that area. Oh.....how badly I felt. The only silver lining about the situation was that Jack hadn't fixed the spot right above it. So now, we will be fixing both spots at the same time.

I'm so sorry honey! - Robin

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