Monday, July 14, 2008

by Robin

Well, this is my take at riding Kraken with my almost 12 yo son.

"Oh my gosh!..... (145 ft fall)

Oh my gosh!...... (do I need a reason here?)

Oh...... my gosh!!...... (loop)

Oh my GOSH!!!! (think corkscrew here)

Oh my ...... gosh!....... (another loop going into the ground)

Oh my goodness!" while fighting desperately hard to say something new.

Then, I was purposely forcing myself to stop saying any words. Upon pulling into the unloading station, I sighed in thankfulness, "Oh my gosh!"

I don't know what happened to my vocabulary or my scream. I'm just so glad (er... embarassed) that only my son could hear me and pleased the wind took the rest of it off into the sky, as we were the last seats in the series of cars.

One can only hope that somebody has dumped my digital photo from the automatic 'Ride Cam' by now. I was completely embarassed, yet again, of the look of horror on my face.

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