Monday, July 07, 2008

by Robin

One thing I love about going fishing is that we see so many more things we would normally not see. To me, it isn't always about catching. It's about jellyfish, baitfish, sharks, dolphin slapping tails, seeing whales, turtles or manatees. Once in a while, the birds catch my attention. We've tried to help a pelican before become untangled from fishing line but unfortunately he wouldn't let us help him.

Once, on jetty pier in December, we tried to help a small sandpiper who had his legs tied together by fishing line. Again, he would not let us touch him. He could hop and probably manage ok, but I get so frustrated because I am unprepared to capture & help these guys.
Last Thursday, we came across a stork who was fortunate enough to get some medical intervention. I'm guessing he had either strangulation of circulation or possible near-miss attack that caused the loss of two of his toes. Regardless, some group must have captured this bird and given him some substitute toes to keep his balance and live out the remainder of his life as a wild creature. Thank you.

See where the "prosthesis balls" are in place to give him balance? They work just fine. Of course, begging fishermen for leftover bait seems to work well for him too. He got 2 fat sardines from Jack this day.

Happy Fishing & support Wildlife rehab!

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