Sunday, July 20, 2008

by Robin

It was a day of non-stop action, according to Jack. Nice day to be on the water. No storms at all. Hot sun, flat seas, plenty of humidity and guys catching fish.

I'll post up some pictures later but overall they brought home 2 mahi mahi, 3 kingfish (one huge one), lost another mahi boatside, caught an under-sized cobia and hooked a sailfish for a temporary tail-walking on the water.

Tail-walking is when they swing side-to-side so hard, they come out of the water and end up moving across the top of the surface with their tail. I guess the sail did that a couple of times and before Jack could capture a picture of it, he was off.

Needless-to-say, we had some grilled & fried fish for dinner last night. According to what I saw on the reports, they did better than most. I'm also noticing that there are less and less fishing reports with the increase in fuel prices. In the news, Japanese commercial fishermen were striking over fuel prices, asking their govt to help offset the costs.

Happy Fishing! Pictures tomorrow.

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